• Mahindra: Deja Vu or Deja New? An all-new “Jeep” Heads to the U.S. for the First Time in 70 Years [News]

    Mahindra ROXOR

    Off-road fans rejoice as an American legend is returning to the U.S, but perhaps as more Bollywood than Hollywood. Mahindra, an Indian based multinational car manufacturing corporation is America-bound with a recreational off-highway vehicle called the ROXOR. They describe it the “‘the original off-road vehicle’ with a 70 year heritage”. You

    Check out this slick, little Datsun redi-GO Concept

    The Datsun redi-GO Concept is pretty sweet looking - no? Datsun is back and the economy arm of Nissan is producing in several countries - other than North America. This is (officially) Datsun's first concept vehicle and it has its world premiere at the 12th Delhi Auto Expo 2014. It

    POV Warning: Driving in India can be hazardous to your health

    Driving in India can be a hazardous to your health unless you know how to use the horn. In India cars share the road with cows, trucks, buses, monkeys, cyclists, motorcycles and water buffalo...to name just a few of the obstacles that drivers must to avoid on a average Indian road. You

    When Driving in India be sure to….

    When driving in India be sure to honk your horn. After two weeks of vacation, Nathan an Roman are back in business producing new TFLcar videos. Today they begin our second year of daily video with a look ahead at what cars they will  be reviewing in the next few days and

    What to expect from Nissan’s Datsun revival

    Boy did Nissan put the cross-hairs directly on their collective heads after their Datsun announcement. If you missed it Nissan is relaunching the Datsun brand to build Über cheap vehicles. How cheap? Some say as low as $3,000 - but that's iffy at best. Others hint that a (still amazingly cheap) price-tag that's