• Scion Concept to Debut at 2015 L.A. Auto Show

    Scion Concept 2015 LA Auto Show teaser

    Scion teased an image of its forthcoming all-new concept model that will be fully revealed at the Los Angeles Motor Show on November 18. The Scion brand is back on the move and undergoing rejuvenation. Earlier this year the Scion iA sedan and iM hatchback were released with more than

    Mercedes-Benz S-Class to Receive Hyper-Luxury Variants

    Since faltering sales doomed the Maybach line in 2012, Mercedes-Benz has been out of the running in the hyper-expensive, hyper-luxury sedan market. Similarly exclusive brands, especially Bentley, have made strides toward increasing their production and attainability in the meantime. However, using the platform of the recently-launched Mercedes-Benz S-class, they to produce two exclusive limousines