• Update: 2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport

    2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport

    It has been almost two months since we've mentioned any update on our long term test vehicle, a 2013 BMW X3 28i M Sport. So far, we've logged a hair over 5300 miles on the odometer, have made 15 trips to the grocery story and have hauled home some large

    2013 Subaru BRZ Limited – Easter Egg

    Through the middle of January, it got blisteringly cold in Denver.  So cold, in fact, that the TFLcar long-term BRZ's tachometer began icing over (see above). I'd already driven the BRZ through some nasty stuff, but how would it fare in single-digit ambient temperatures? Walking up to the car, the BRZ let

    2013 Subaru BRZ Limited – Icy/Dicey!

      It's early Sunday morning, something like 4:45am.  The ambient temperature hovers around 20 degrees fahrenheit and a layer of thick, icy fog hangs just above the ground. "(Expletive), I'm going to miss my flight," I thought, as I feverishly ridded my windows of an inch-thick layer of ice.  Sure, I'd replaced