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    Roman Mica (Presenter / Publisher)


    Roman Mica is a columnist, journalist, and author, who spent his early years driving fast on the German autobahn. When he’s not reviewing cars, trucks, or producing videos, you can find him training for triathlons or enjoying a good book or movie. Mica is a former broadcast reporter with his Master’s Degree in journalism from Northwestern University. He is a presenter for TFLcar’s very popular video review channel on YouTube, and number one online truck channel – TFLtruck.

    Grant Davis (Managing Editor / Writer)

    Managing Editor, TFLcar

    Since 2006, Grant’s found himself in the driver’s seat of a more than 200 cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, and the occasional watercraft as a longtime writer for Outside Magazine/Outside online and other adventure-oriented media. He’s based in Denver and has a love/hate relationship with his 11-year-old minivan.

    Nathan Adlen (Presenter / Senior Editor)


    Nathan Adlen brings an uncompromising passion and love for cars to TFLcar. Not only does Nathan add his talents to this website, he also works with Roman to review cars for the TFLcar YouTube channel. Easily amused by anything with four wheels, Nathan Adlen reviews vehicles from the cheapest to the most prestigious. Wrecking yards, dealer lots, garages, racetracks, professional automotive testing and automotive journalism – Nathan has experienced a wide range of the automotive spectrum. Brought up in the California car culture and educated in theater, childhood education, film, journalism and history, Nathan now lives with his family in Denver, CO. His words, good humor and videos are enjoyed worldwide.

    Andre Smirnov (Producer / Writer)


    Andre Smirnov is a life-long automotive enthusiast, video producer, writer, reporter, and software engineer. He has been writing and reporting at TFLcar and TFLtruck since 2011. When not working or spending time with the family – you can find him tinkering in the garage, playing volleyball, going for a drive, or scouring the internet in search of the next best thing.

    Derek Mau (Writer / Photographer)

    Derek Mau

    Before becoming an automotive journalist, Derek was diving into engine bays and wiring car audio systems for competitions since high school. Granted, there were a few extra bits and pieces after reassembling everything but nothing ever fell apart on the road. Today Derek applies his enthusiasm and gearhead knowledge into the latest cars, unraveling today’s complex automotive technology, and learning the rich history behind classic cars. Derek has owned a first-gen Mazda RX-7, E30 and E36 M3, and an Acura Integra. His current ride is an Acura RSX Type S.

    Dan Jedlicka (Writer)

    Dan J.

    Dan Jedlicka joined the Chicago Sun-Times in February 1968 as a business news reporter and was named auto editor later that year. He has reviewed more than 4,000 new vehicles for the Sun-Times–far more than any newspaper auto writer in the country. Jedlicka also reviewed vehicles for Microsoft Corp.’s MSN Autos Internet site from January 1996 to June 2008. For more of Dan’s thoughtful and insightful reviews please visit his website HERE.

    Arv Voss (Writer)

    arv voss
    Arv Voss

    Arv Voss is a Northern California based freelance motoring journalist and member and past officer of several noted automotive journalist organizations who contributes regularly to a number of national and international media outlets. He reviews not only cars, trucks and SUVs, but motorcycles as well.

    Ian Chisholm (Videographer / Editor)

    Ian Chisholm is a professional videographer and video editor. He enjoys all aspects of video production.

    Reprinting our work

    Every-so-often people and publishers ask to reprint or rebroadcast something we’ve written or produced. If you are in this situation just send us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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    1. Neat blog! Will be your theme personalized or would you download it from somewhere?

      A design like yours with a few simple tweeks would actually make my blog
      stand out. Please inform me where you got your design. Many thanks

    2. Hello,
      How does one sleek to Roman Mica?
      I have a new 2016 Jaguar XF S vehicle. I have some issues with the car and would like to speak with someone other than the dealer or jaguar who has driven the vehicle and is knowledgeable. I think a test driver is the best avenue here.
      I look forward to hearing back.
      Thank you for your time.

      Steve Zollinger

    3. Steve Zollinger adding to above comment.
      The 2016 XF S is a pretty darn nice vehicle with many good features!!!
      The problem I experience is a front end jolt and then rattle at slower speeds over square edge bumps, uneven and rippled pavement as well as road reflectors. I am told this is a given situation for this car. This is very annoying and doesn’t seem it should occur in a 70,000 vehicle.
      Has anyone experienced this before?

      Thank you,
      Steve ZOLLINGER

    4. Could you have the guy that did the two door wrangler versus unlimited wrangler review tell me what two door jeep he had. What special options did he get for it to make it look like that?

    5. Hello Gents,

      First and foremost, your YouTube channel rocks!

      Second, is there a way to get in touch with Roman Mica in regards to design drawings? I would like to get some feedback/critique before I submit to an automaker.


    6. Hello Andre ! I must say that the 4wd Challenger/Mustang Camaro test was a farce, a joke. Pardon, but your program adherents must be novices as it is a foregone conclusion that a 4wd vehicle will always beat a RWD vehicle, and besides tires being all season which were totally useless. Please watch and implement some of the Scandinavian winter vehicle tests on grip and tires and learn their useful techniques……

    7. i really had to complement Roman Mica for his 2010 raptor ten things you dont wanna do in a raptor vid it had it all i own that basically same truck for the last 8 years and i couldn’t agree more. Thanks Roman Mica for making my day 8 years ago.

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